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Injoi Home Services is a metro Atlanta carpet cleaning serviceMix and match services to custom fit your household needs.

Every household has different needs when it comes to carpet care.  At Injoi Home Services, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate, great quality of service, and reasonable pricing on carpet cleaning and related services.  We believe in giving our customers the best cleaning experience possible.  So, we’ve come up with a way to save consumers money and provide a customized experience that meets the needs of the individual through service bundling.

We’re here to help. If one of our packages does not suit your needs, feel free to contact us or give us a call and a customer care representative will create a custom package to suit your needs.

Economy Package
$28per area
Get More Bang For Your Buck.*
Perfect for touch-up cleaning and removing light to moderate soil, our economy package will leave your carpet brighter, and cleaner than ever.
Signature Full Service Package
$38per area
Sit Back. Relax While We Do All The Work.*
Our 5 Star Quality, full service carpet cleaning package never disappoints.
Allergen Reducer Package
$40per room
Allergies/Germs Got You Down?*
Perfect for those purchasing previously owned homes or homes that have been unoccupied for extended periods of time, our allergen removal carpet cleaning kills germs/allergen producing organisms fast.
Pet Fresh Enzyme
+$15per area ($45.00 min charge)
Got Pets?
Great for homes with indoor and outdoor pets. Keep your carpets smelling fresh year-round with this service.
The Works
$56per area (2 area minimum)
Keep Your Carpets Beautiful, Longer.*
Nothing adds to the beauty of a home like well-manicured carpets. This package includes fiber brightener, premium fragrance and carpet protector to help guard against stains and oily soils longer.

Carpet Cleaning Service Comparison Table

Carpet Cleaning

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Full Service
Carpet Cleaning

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Allergen Reducer
Carpet Cleaning

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Pet Odor
Carpet Cleaning

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The Works

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Cost Per Room $27 $37 $40 $43 $55
30 Day
Service Warranty
100% Green
Cleaning Available + $5 per Area
Thorough Carpet
Soil Suspension
Solution & Carpet
Brightener Application
Elite Carpet
Cleaning Service
Vacuum All
Service Areas
Groom & Trim
All Service Areas
Move & Pad Furniture
In All Service Areas
Your Choice of
Our Premium
Carpet Sanitizer
& Allergen Reducer
Topical Pet
Enzyme Application
Premium Carpet
Spot & Stain Protector

*Injoi Home Services proudly offers carpet and upholstery cleaning services to Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Some fabrics may require low-moisture or dry solvent cleaning and may be priced accordingly. Upholstery prices may vary depending upon type of fabric and size. Upholstery prices quoted are for the furniture piece and up to six loose seat cushions.  Additional charges may apply for loose pillows.  Additional charges may apply for difficult stain removal, spot dyeing or repairs (ink, dye, paint, large rust stains, nail polish, bleach, urine, etc.). A room is defined as any carpeted area that is 225 sq ft. or more.  A set of up to 13 stairs can be substituted for 1 room of carpet. Hallways larger that 80 sq. ft. may be substituted for a room as well. Unless otherwise advertised, there is a minimum charge of 95.00 per service call. Hallways under 80 sq. ft. are always free. Telephone estimates are free. A service charge of 35.00 may apply for onsite estimates. If services are provided within 30 days of the estimate, then the service charge will be applied to your total bill.

**Prices displayed are for ceramic tile and basic white grout sealant only. Additional charges may apply for different types of stone and for additional color sealant.

†Additional charges may apply if extensive measures such as pad replacement, sub-floor sealing, or any other subsurface treatments are necessary to remove pet odor. 30 day service warranty only applies if all technician recommendations are followed.